Ethiopia – Ministry of Peace Created, Cabinet Streamlined


Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed continues to try and bring the security situation under control in Ethiopia. His latest move is to create a Ministry of Peace, while at the same time cutting down the overall number of ministries from 28 to 20. 

During his six months in office Ethiopia’s new leader has spearheaded change to tackle inter-ethnic violence, as well as seeking resolution to regional disputes for example through signing a landmark peace deal with Eritrea.

Abiy Ahmed made international headlines earlier this week for his unusual approach in dealing with soldiers protesting to demand for a pay rise. After the troops marched to his residence the Prime Minister reprimanded them for the manner in which they had raised their concerns and in particular that they had carried weapons with them ordering them to do 10 press-ups as punishment. Abiy Ahmed joined them in their punishment and then peaceful discussions on the matter followed.