Uganda – Bobi Wine Concert Cancelled


Opposition politician Robert Kyagulanyi has accused the Ugandan police of unfairly blocking his music concert that was scheduled for today.

Better know by many as Bobi Wine the popular musician and MP was detained by police in August following an altercation between President Museveni’s convoy and opposition supporters. Following the incident, which took place of the eve of a parliamentary by-election, Bobi Wine disappeared before his detention at a military facility was confirmed. Concern was raised by the fragile state in which he appeared when in court where he faced treason charges, and the singer flew to the US for medical treatment shortly after release. 

Upon returning to the country Bobi Wine stated that the “power of the people is greater than the people in power”. He also made clear that he expected his rights to be respected, commenting on social media "I am a free Ugandan with the right to move freely in my country. The police has no business telling me who receives me and who cannot or where I go and where I cannot". 

At the concert Bobi Wine was expected to officially launch his latest album Kyarenga that includes a song entitled ‘Freedom’ containing the lyric ‘freedom fighters become dictators’ and other lines considered to be veiled references to President Museveni, who has held office since 1986.

The company managing the venue have now stated that the concert is unable to go ahead as the date is unavailable. However Bobi Wine has alleged that the move is a result of police interference as they had put pressure on the star to call it off.