DRC – Opposition Warns on “Cheating Machines”


As thousands gathered for a rally in Kinshasa this weekend opposition leaders warned of concerns that the upcoming elections scheduled for 23 December 2018 could be subject to manipulation and rigging.

The election was originally scheduled for two years earlier in 2016 but President Kabila appears reluctant to leave power. However, with the candidate nomination process now complete and the final list of those in the running confirmed by the courts in September it would seem that the polls are finally in sight.

While the nomination of Emmanuel Shadary to run on the ruling party ticket was met with relief by those who feared that Kabila would seek to justify running for a third term in office, the opposition is now firmly focused on the threat posed by electoral manipulation.

In particular concern has been raised around the use of electronic voting machines, which both domestic and international groups have warned about with opposition leader Jean-Pierre Bemba describing them as “cheating machines”. The power supply could also prove problematic and threaten to disrupt the vote.