Rwanda – Prosecutors Seek 22 Year Prison Sentence for Diane Rwigara


During her trial in the High Court today, prosecutors indicated they are seeking a 22 year prison sentence for government critic and activist Diane Rwigara, and 15 years for her mother Adeline. The pair were released on bail last month.

A former presidential aspirant, Diane Rwigara’s plans to contest the 2017 elections were cut short when she was disqualified by the National Electoral Commission and accused of forging signatures. She was subsequently arrested and charged for fraud and inciting insurrections.

Commenting on the trial on Twitter yesterday Diane Rwigara wrote: “For a whole year the prosecution said they had 76 witnesses. But no one showed up and the trial is now over. What happened to all those 76?”

The activist also defended her previous comments, saying that she has only spoken the truth about Rwanda and that “there is evidence to the “falsehoods” the prosecution accuses her of spreading to incite masses”, as well as alleging that the charges of forgery are fabricated.

Diane’s mother, Adeline, is accused of divisionism and inciting insurrection. In court Adeline once again raised allegations that her husband did not die in a car accident in 2015 but was killed by state agents.

Both mother and daughter maintain their innocence and claim that the charges are politically motivated in nature. Judgement and sentencing is expected to take place on December 6.