Botswana Calls For Joseph Kabila To Step Down


Botswana continues to stand out in breaking the African code of governance and diplomacy by calling on the continent’s leaders to respect their constitutions.

Yesterday,  Botswana blamed Congolese President Joseph Kabila for his country's humanitarian and security crisis, in the sharpest criticism yet from an African government of his refusal to step down. Western powers have repeatedly criticised Kabila whose mandate expired in December 2016, but African countries have trodden more gently, urging progress toward long-delayed elections but avoiding direct condemnations of Kabila.

Kabila is facing mounting pressure in the streets to organise prompt elections. Security forces killed at least two people at a church-led march on Sunday. More than a dozen protesters have been killed since December.

Kabila denies he is trying to cling to power but has refused to publicly rule out trying to change the constitution to remove term limits that prevent him from running for re-election, as the presidents of neighboring Congo and Rwanda have done.