Miguna Miguna Assaulted and Drugged During Unlawful Deportation


Kenyan opposition politician, Miguna Miguna, has stated that he was assaulted and drugged on Wednesday evening whilst being deported.

He had been attempting to re-enter the country when police detained him at the airport. He was initially deported in February after Kenyatta’s government rescinded his Kenyan citizenship once he acquired Canadian nationality. The court ruled this was unlawful and that the politician should be allowed back.

However, Wednesday demonstrated the latest fallout in an ongoing tussle between judiciary and the Kenyatta government who have been at odds since 2017’s elections.

The Kenyan high court has now found the Interior Minister and Police Chief involved guilty of contempt and ordered them to appear for sentencing. What impact this will have remains to be seen. 

We stand in solidarity with Miguna Miguna and all opposition politicians being unlawfully targetted by incumbant governments.