Zimbabwe – Role of Military in Upcoming Elections in the Spotlight


Only days after Zimbabwe has officially applied to re-join the Commonwealth, inviting the group to send observers for the upcoming general elections, the country’s Deputy Minister of Finance Terence Mukupe has said the army wouldn’t allow the opposition to take power if it wins the poll.

While the Government has attempted to distance itself from the comments, they are reminiscient of similar warnings made by ZANU-PF officials and army figures during the Mugabe years.

Speaking during a ZANU-PF rally in Harare Mukupe stated: “We cannot say, honestly, the army took the country, practically seized the country from Mugabe, so that they can hand it over to Chamisa.”

President Mnangagwa claims to lead a renewed ZANU-PF. However, many key figures from the Mugabe-era remain in place and the general who led the move to replace Mugabe with Mnangagwa in November last year, Constantino Chiwenga, has since been appointed Vice President. The exact date for the election is expected to be announced in the coming days.