Cameroon – Opposition Leader Under Arrest


In Cameroon opposition leader Prof. Maurice Kamto has been arrested and taken to an unknown location. Kamto is the leader of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (MRC). While the government is yet to confirm his arrest, or the reasons behind it, Kamto’s detainment comes after peaceful protests took place at the weekend, while members of the diaspora congregated outside the Cameroonian embassies in Germany and France.

At least six people are thought to have been wounded and 117 arrested over the weekend. Other members of Kamto’s party are also thought to be in detention.

Kamto was President Paul Biya’s main challenger in the October 2018 presidential elections, leading an opposition coalition that declared itself victorious following the poll. He has since sought the annulment of the presidential result in the courts.

President Paul Biya is currently serving his seventh term in office, having come to power in 1982. His government has banned demonstrations.