DRC Drops Katumbi Mercenary Investigation


Prosecutors in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have announced an end to the investigation into opposition politician Moise Katumbi. Katumbi, who is the former governor of Katanga province, was being investigated for the alleged use of mercenaries to overthrow former President Joseph Kabila who left power earlier this year.

Katumbi was a presidential aspirant in the planned 2016 elections that were delayed until December 2018 but has been in exile since 2016. When seeking to return to the country in order to file his candidacy for the polls Katumbi was denied entry by the authorities.

Earlier this month the Court of Cassation also overturned a conviction against Katumbi for fraud that carried a three-year prison sentence. He was charged in absentia shortly after he announced his departure from the ruling party and his intention to contest the upcoming polls.